Patrick D. - Clifton Park, NY
Reliable, Trustworthy, Fast and Dependable. I will use again. Thank you Public Metals.
John P. - Miami, FL
Thanks very much for the professional service, I received much more
than I expected for my old jewelry. Excellent Company. 
Jason F. - Pelham, NY 
I sold some old jewelry that I picked up in a garage sale, and more than tripled my money & got a free hat. Thanks Public Metal
Pete K. - Bronx, NY
I have to say Thank you! for a smooth and trouble free transaction. I will admit I was a little skeptical at first, but you did everything promised and more.
Louie Z. - Nevada
I am a dealer and have been looking for a consistent Refiner ever since I got into this business 6 years ago, that I can trust and do Business with for years to come. Every buyer I used in the past has cheated me in one way or another. I think I found the right company. Thank you Public Metal. Lou
Mia P. - Hartford, CT
I had a lot material past down to me years ago and can not believe how much I have been getting ripped off until I found this company.
Trisha G. - Michigan
At first I thought I was getting pawned until I went to one, then realized I was getting 3Xtimes what I was offered. Tiffany platinum & diamond necklace bought for $8,500 and they gave me $3,400. In my business I received gifts so no loss to me. But 3Xtimes more then that pawnshop offered me. WOW!! I'm sure I will be getting more. Thanks Dave. Trish:)
Peter G. - Hollywood, FL
Excellent company!! I called Tuesday and shipped my materials out to them, and was paid on Friday, very very impressed.
Anthony C. Glens Falls, NY
I was in need of fast cash, called 9pm, they came to me and I was paid by 11pm, The same night when no one else could help. Would highly recommend.
Max T. New York, New York
I am in the jewelry business, store 1 block from Diamond district and cannot believe I received $1.30 more per dwt then anyone on 47ST.
San Francisco, CA
I have used this company for a wile now, I am very pleased, I should have left this thank you the first time I used them, long over due, Thank you.
Elizabeth Alexander. Cairo, New York
I did not know that a place like this existed, I almost put an ad in the paper for next to nothing, compared to what I received . Thank you !! :)
Max T. New York, New York
Now they're on my block and now I'm proud to say there is someone that pays what its worth on 47th
皮特k. -布朗克斯,纽约州
我要说的,谢谢! 为顺利和麻烦自由交易 , 我得承认,我有点怀疑,在第一,但你所干的一切承诺,和更多。
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